PT. Bank Multiarta Sentosa

Bank MAS was established by virtue of Deed of Notary H. Saidus Sjahar, SH Number 201 dated July 28, 1992.

The Head Office of Bank MAS is domiciled atr Grha Bank MAS, Jalan Setiabudi Selatan Kav. 7-8 Kuningan, South Jakarta. The Bank obtained a business license as Non-Foreign Exchange Commercial Bank by virtue of Decree of the Minister of Finance of the Republic of Indonesia Number 1093/KMK/017/1992 dated October 15, 1992 and Foreign Exchange Trading business license by virtue of Decree of the Director of Bank Licensing and Banking Information of Bank Indonesia Number 5/4/KEP.Dir.PIP/2003 dated December 24, 2003.

At the end of 2013, the shareholders added the paid-up capital in the amount of Rp. 900,000,000,000.- (nine hundred billion rupiah). Total paid-up capital of Bank MAS as at end of 2014 became Rp. 1,055 Billion, which has been recorded by the Financial Services Authority pursuant to OJK Letter No. S31/PB.333/2014 dated May 20, 2013 and pursuant to PBI No. 14/26/PBI/2012 dated December 27, 2012 concerning Business Activities and Office Network based on Bank's Core Capital, whereby Bank MAS is categorized in BUKU 2 (two).

Vision, Mission & Motto

Vision : To become the Reliable Business Bank for Businessmen

Mission : To provide excellent products and services to support growth in the Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) sector and Commercial sector, as well as to fulfill personal banking needs for business owners, their family members and their employees.

Motto : Trust and Mutual Commitment