An individual savings with attractive interest rates and direct prizes by collecting points of interest on savings.

Parade Gift Product - WINGS :

  • Each opening MaSSavings get 1 (one) "Goody Bag Wings Packet".
  • Savings with a minimum average balance of Rp. 25,000,000 in 1 (one) month and make a minimum deposit of Rp. 50.000, - will get "extra gifts for Wings".
  • Every multiple of the average balance of Rp. 1,000,000 / month, will get 1 (one) prize point that can be accumulated during the prize period and cannot be combined with other account points.
  • The MAS SAVING Savings Point prize validity period is January to December for each year. When the validity period of the prize points expires (end of December), points earned in that period can still be redeemed until the end of March of the following year.
  • Reward points can be redeemed for prizes according to the table applicable redemption, and can not be cashed.
  • Gift items are out of stock can be exchanged for other prizes worth.
  • Expired products Wings applies extra prize three (3) months.