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Bank MAS Mobile is a Banking facility that provide any financial services in one apps on your Devices. Besides making it easier for the customers , Bank MAS Mobile allows customers to make transactions without having to come to a branch office or an ATM machine, Bank MAS Mobile also provides various benefits for its users

Make transactions wherever and whenever you want with Bank MAS Mobile.

Bank MAS Mobile Features :

  • Account Balance
  • Transfer :
  •    - In-house transfer
       - Domestic transfer (others national bank account)
  • History Transactions
  • Top Up :
  •    - Cell Phone Credits (Prepaid)
       - Mobile Data
       - Electricity Token (Prepaid)
       - E-wallet
       - GoPay
       - OVO
       - PayTren
  • Bill Payment :
       - Electricity
       - Phone
       - Television
       - Credit Card
       - Train

    Terms & Conditiion :

  • Can only be used by Bank MAS customers.
  • Download the Bank MAS Mobile application via the Play Store or Apps Store.
  • Internet data is required to be able to access Bank MAS Mobile services.
  • For customers who already have registered account and Mobile Number at Bank MAS, customers can immediately register for Mobile Banking Activation.
  • For customers who do not have a registered Account at Bank MAS and Mobile Number, can register Mobile Banking through Bank MAS Customer Service.

  • Information on using Mobile Banking can download the manual book at the following link :

    Bank MAS Mobile Manual Book

    Self Registration Bank MAS Mobile

    Latest Mobile Banking Features

    For further information or the latest information, please contact the nearest Bank MAS branch office.

    Mobile Banking Fee Transaction Limit
    Porfolio Account Information Free -
    Overbooking / Transfer :

    A. Antar Rekening Bank MAS

    Free Rp.100,000,000/transaction/day

    B. Antar Bank (Online)

    Free Rp.100,000,000/transaction/day

    C. Antar Bank (SKN)

    Rp.2,900 Rp.200,000,000/transaction ; Rp.500,000,000/day

    D. Antar Bank (RTGS)

    Rp.25,000 Rp.500,000,000/transaction ; Rp.1,000,000,000/day