What is E-Wallet and Its Advantages

2023-03-17 16:48:07
What is E-Wallet and Its Advantages

Daily transactions are now easier with various payment methods, including a digital wallet or e-wallet. The community is increasingly feeling the existence of an e-wallet and its benefits at this time. However, do you know what an e-wallet is and its advantages? Come on, see the full explanation below!

What are e-wallets?

A digital wallet or e-wallet is an electronic service for storing data on payment instruments, including payment instruments using cards and/or electronic money, which can collect funds to make payments.

In principle, e-wallets are the same as physical wallets used so far. It's just that e-wallets are digital or electronic wallets. Like a wallet, an e-wallet has a maximum nominal amount of funds that can be accommodated: IDR 10,000,000. Funds accommodated in e-wallets can only be used to pay shopping transactions and bills. Funds in the e-wallet also cannot be transferred to other e-wallets.

You don't need to worry when using an e-wallet because, currently, the e-wallet operator must obtain a permit from Bank Indonesia. Thus, the running of the e-wallet business is also under the supervision of Bank Indonesia.

Advantages of e-wallets

As a payment instrument, e-wallets also have several advantages that can be experienced by users as follows:

  • Easy, Practical, and Efficient

The existence of e-wallets now means that people don't have to bother carrying large amounts of cash, debit, and credit cards. This is because now e-wallets can also be used for daily transactions such as buying food and shopping online. You only need to use a smartphone to make transactions with e-wallets.

  • Various Promos and Discounts

The existence of an e-wallet also provides other benefits for its users. This is because e-wallet operators often offer attractive promotions and discounts such as point rewards, cashback, gifts, and many others. These promos and discounts make their users interested and encourage them to transact using e-wallets.

  • Safe

Although many are still unsure, using e-wallets for daily transaction needs is considered safe. This is because the e-wallet payment system operator has obtained a license and is under the supervision of Bank Indonesia. What you need to pay attention to when choosing an e-wallet is to ensure that the e-wallet has received permission from Bank Indonesia.

Another thing that you need to pay attention to when using an e-wallet is never to share OTP codes and transaction PINs with other people because these conditions are often used as a mode of online fraud.

  •  Avoid Counterfeit Money

Another advantage of e-wallets is that you can avoid counterfeit money. When transacting with cash, irresponsible parties spread counterfeit money and use it for transactions. This sometimes happens unknowingly due to ignorance and reluctance to check the money used during transactions.

E-wallet helps you avoid circulating counterfeit money because the transaction process is carried out electronically or digitally. 

  • There is a Transaction History 

The last advantage of the e-wallet is the transaction history recording feature provided in the application. This feature is very useful for users who play the role of both buyers and sellers.

For buyers, this feature can help you record income and expenses in your e-wallet so you can plan your finances better later. As a seller, this feature can help you record incoming sales transactions using an e-wallet.

How to Top Up e-Wallet on MAS Mobile


To top up or top up your e-wallet balance, you can use the MAS Mobile application by following these steps:

  • Open the MAS Mobile application and log in using your account
  • Select the Top Up menu
  • Choose the e-wallet you want
  • Enter the Mobile Number and Nominal Balance data, then click Continue
  • Check which data the Top Up Confirmation menu is, then click Continue
  • Enter your MAS Mobile PIN
  • Congratulations, the e-wallet balance has been filled!

 cara top up e-wallet online di mas mobile

Keep topping up your e-wallet balance using the MAS Mobile application and get attractive promos!

Source: Bank Indonesia